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Gummy Roe 2011: Say goodbye to stinky fingers!

photo_6photo_4_3photo_4_6photo_5_5This past spring/summer and fall proved to be a very successful trial personally, with these home- made gummy roe bags! Fish these on a fly line, drift it, bottom bounce, however you fish, and you will see for yourself. A large variety of applications can be teamed up with my gummy roe; You can have it made neutrally bouyant, on a tube or hook, injectable(with out the stinky fingers) with any juice, change the color, pretty damn strong, and the fish can not resist this, even if it is only a visual attack!

These were invented by myself, tested by a few, and the results are staggering! Oh, and it is quite an art building these as well!

Give me a reason to build something for your next fishing adventure!

Questions???>>This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. <<

Psuedo Marabou 2011

photo_5_4_2 This Year I had the privilege to fish with flies built with psuedo marabou. The flies leave most of the water behind, allowing for much easier casting. These are built on large tubes and can be used in other types of water other than the river and used for other applications. Behind the flasher for Chinook and Coho are popular as well.

Kitimat Spring 2010

An awesome experience that I had with Rob Vodola and Todd Haines (Nautical west fishing, Kitimat,B.C.) The next day the water came up from rain about 2.5 feet. This brought seals, Eagles and many more fish in the river overnight. This was a night and day experience between the two days.

Steelhead Proof! by Webflyz BC

Proof that I tie flies that work!! <<<CLICK HERE TO VIEW SOME FOOTAGE FROM NORTHERN B.C.!<<<

Thanks Bryce, more to come! Webflyz BC

Big Game Flies

Some BIG GAME FLIES for saltwater species and Freshwater species. From Mahi Mahi to Trophy trout, these take the cake for BIG GAME species! Buy these and more at Webfllyz B.C.!

Ultimate Squidgie Tube

A "WANTED" Fly by ALL Species of fish that swim! This Fly is hardly a fly, but is tied on a 1/8th inch tube, and is used for species like HALIBUT, SAILFISH, STEELHEAD, ROOSTERFISH, MARLIN, and BULLTROUT! This tube swims like no other fly, driving the unsuspecting species of your choice NUTS! Then they BITE IT! That is all you want, right?

Owner Hooks

Owner_Logo_-_NewWEBFLYZ B.C. now sponsors and sells OWNER HOOKS! If you want the absolute best, sharpest, and world famous hooks, then use Owner Hooks. OWNER makes hooks for every application, and their reputation stands strong. If you would like any or all of your flies on owner hooks, just let me know.

Evolution of a Squidgie...





7 INCHES of FLY built on a 1/8 inch tube with major rabbit strips, I present you with a couple of my Squidgies!

Initially made for behind the flasher, in the salt, for BIG springs, now has become a favorite for many other species. I can make them as long as possible, and to date, the largest is 18 inches!!!

It was custom built as a teaser, but now is being used to hook such beasts as Marlin and Sailfish. Trophy trout love these, and a smaller version is getting many steelhead attention.

I would like to say that over the years, this thing has really changed, but it really attracts fish! Being on a large tube allows for use of large leader (for HALIBUT), allows for changeable hook styles and sizes, and slides up the line of choice, not getting thrashed in the process. Here is the first, made in October of 2006 and the most recent, influenced by a beautiful woman, and the Black death Tarpon fly!

Spey Clave













Jed's Buck...

2010 Vancouver Olympics, Medal Files

2010 Vancouver Olympics- Gathering all these countries to our beautiful province of B.C. inspired me to make flies that look like the three medals, and with the use of materials that steelhead love! So here they are, hope you enjoy them, and thank you to all Athletes, young and old, from everywhere around our beautiful planet! GOLD CANADA GOLD!

Here you see: GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE!



Hudson Bay Lodge, Smithers BC

The Hudson Bay Lodge has been IMG_4191

Titanium Leaders!


If you are planning a trip to fish for species with a mouthfull of sharp teeth, you may want to try out these premium titanium cables for leaders. You can tie any line to the bonded end loop without breaking. Finn-tastic supplies major fishing stores, including the Fishing Hole, Cabela's and Wholesale sports! Many options are available, and these are used by anglers all over the world! Check out these wonderful leaders and more relative products, made by Larry Derhark of:

Titanium Leaders

Titanium Fishing Leaders & Rigs
Muskie & Pike Leaders
King Mackerel / Shark
King Salmon / Walleye
Super Bonded Sleeves & Wire

Finn-tastic Canada

Kids and Fishing!


Taking any child fishing is a rewarding experience for anyone, young and old! I have been dragging my kids around since their existence, now I am sure they do not expect anything less. I have two beautiful children, and now, they completely enjoy the outdoors. It was not always this way. Initially, all kids do not like what their parents like to say or do, but if that parent enhances that particular experience to it's maximum potential, that is when you have the best chance of keepin' 'em Hooked! This has worked for me... partly due to, well... (Sorry kids but DAD says this is what we are doing this fine day!) and partly due to my upbringing, which really, I never really had a choice in any parent panel discussion also! I strive off of people having a great time outdoors, because, that is what we all experience, rain or shine, we get something out of the experience, whether it be hands on or, one of the BEST times of your life, or both. I believe that experiencing the outdoors is key to our survival, and the outdoors is always a rewarding experience for all and a great time, rain or shine!

Gummy Minnows

A new way of catching fish, that works for all fish! Some anglers do not like the gummy minnows as they are not really flies. Made from Sili-skin or similar materials, these gummy minnows take fish where there is baitfish, and where there is no baitfish. I make them up to 8 inches long, and as small as 3/4 of an inch. Any questions, please call or email me.IMG_4093

Pacific Salmon Flies

Pacific salmon are sought after by most anglers, more and more are experiencing how exciting it is to catch them on the fly! These flies are tied with a stainless steel cable loop for easy access to your trailer hook, and allowing your fly to withstand a few tough battles! Most flies for saltwater have a pair of eyes, and is covered with a saltwater glue that is extremely strong, yet light enough to cast. Look for more flies added on this site weekly. Any questions, please call or email me.IMG_4162

Phone Orders

Webflyz B.C. also accepts phone orders for those customers who would like to speak with me.
Call me at  1-250-877-2021, 
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Box #23
Smithers British Columbia V0J 2N0

Email Orders

Orders can also be made via email.
Please LIST quantity of item(s), size of hook, custom information (if any) as well as any additions or requests you may have.
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I will recommend the greatest of knowledge for your particular order, and email you a confirmation message regarding all applicable details with a dollar amount total for your order.


WEBFLYZ B.C. custom hand tied flies uses only the most durable products to ensure you, the angler is able to use that fly to the best of its ability and for as many times as possible.
If you are not satisfied in any way, please return the item(s) for a full refund, exchange, or credit—whichever you prefer within ten (10) days of recieving the flies.