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Ice Fishing with Flies

So we all know that lures, spoons and bait work ice fishing, and sometimes anything works. What a large amount of people DO NOT know is that FLIES work as well, sometimes much better than the previously mentioned. I personally have used my FLIES ice fishing for 20+ years. Sometimes when it is slow, I will use small solid color and/or multi color leeches, damsels, dragonfly larvae, and HUGE water beetles, Gummy minnows are a favorite of mine, chronomids, etc. ... all with fantastic results.

photo3rbk_2  IMG_3856 

IMG_6045  IMG_5674

All of these flies catch fish while ice fishing.`

Another determining factor is the knot. Most ice fishing hooks are JIG style for a reason. Up or down turned eyed hooks with split shot added to the line or hook, and in most cases the regular know will do, but you will have to always check that it is centered on the hok eye as well as placed and tightened in a fashion that allows the hook to be in a 90 degree angle at all times.

Personally I have used the non-slip loop knot for any type of fishing. This allows the fly to have a free movement, regardless of how it is fished.


This is what this knot looks like just before tightening.

Another key factor in icefishing with any type of lure/fly is how you jig it. Tapping the ice and the surface of the water with your lure/fly can definately attract some fish species like brook trout, to the point that if the fish sees the lure/fly splashing and clicking the edge of the hole, they will jump fast enough to jump clear out of the hole. The first few trips of the year when the ice is 2-3 inches thick is when this may happen when fishing brook trout. Some flies are very light, and most of the time they will decend through the water column slowly, slowing your jigging times. Other flies are heavier, thus jigging will be much quicker and sparratic, usually enticing a reaction or instinctive strike from the fish. Try one type of jigging for a few minutes, if you do not get a strike, switch to a non similar jigging action to fool the fish another way. I really like dropping the fly until the line is taught, them slowlytwitching it up to the top of the hole, some species are driven bananas by this technique.

There it is, a few pointers to think about when you go icefishing next, hope you enjoyed, thanks!


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