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Rainbow Alley Fry M&M's Minnow 2011



RECIPE for M+M's Minnow-
1-I first wrap a base of thread on a size 2 3x long shank streamer style hook.

2-Then I tied on two pieces of toothpicks, one for the top, one for the bottom of the shank. -This provides a almost "neutrally bouyant" fry pattern.

3- Wrap thread tightly over toothpick pieces, finishing at the rear of the toothpick.

4-Cut a piece of mylar tubing and fray at one end, push it over the shank until the fray part meets the hook bend, tie down.

5-Take a backing material, could be pheasant tail, iceabou, DNA Holofusion and cut about 2 inches, tie on top of fly for the back color, tie off thread at rear of fly.

6- re-start thread behind the eye of the hook and over the mylar tubing, snip off excess mylar.

7-pull backing over the top of the fly tightly, tie off and trim behind the eye.

8-add eyes of your choice, felt in parr marks, coat with Hardhead, simple, strong, effective fry pattern that BIG rainbow on Rainbow Alley.

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Orders can also be made via email.
Please LIST quantity of item(s), size of hook, custom information (if any) as well as any additions or requests you may have.
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I will recommend the greatest of knowledge for your particular order, and email you a confirmation message regarding all applicable details with a dollar amount total for your order.


WEBFLYZ B.C. custom hand tied flies uses only the most durable products to ensure you, the angler is able to use that fly to the best of its ability and for as many times as possible.
If you are not satisfied in any way, please return the item(s) for a full refund, exchange, or credit—whichever you prefer within ten (10) days of recieving the flies.