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How to tie a BunnyBou 2011

Hello to all! After enough emails regarding how to tie a BUNNYBOU (Apparently invented many moons ago...) It is NEW to me, it works in all types of water, river, pools, lakes, even stagnant water, change the color for different days of light, species, water color, and on and on!... So here we go, my photography is my second career (unsuccessful by the way...) but I feel you will know how to tie a BUNNYBOU after your eyes adjust! Thanks for viewing, have a great day!

Step1-1rvc Find a material that you want to use as a trailer loop, it could be vinyl, stainless steel cable, tiger wire, slick shooter, etc. It all depends on what size of hook "eye" you want to push the "doubled" trailer loop through.

Step2-2ddeh Lay the LOOP material you chose alongside the TOP of the hook shank, (I use a marker to make a line on my NOR-VISE to guide me), being careful not to twist it from the TOP position. I use KEVLAR or BIG FLY THREAD for strength. Wrap tighter as you move toward the hook eye.

Step3-3yyn Wrap forward with tension, do NOT wrap up to the eye of the hook, leaving about 1/8th of an inch before the eye. Push the "ends" of the LOOP material through the eye of your hook, making sure it does not twist.

Step4-4ugp Pull the LOOP material under the shank, and slowly, tightly wrap backwards.

Step5-5iil Tightly wrap your thread backwards until your bobbin is hanging just ahead of the hook point. Trim the LOOP material to just before your thread will be hanging in front of the hook point.

Step6-6exx Tie in a piece of Rabbit ZONKER strip and trim to where you think your trailer hook will be flush with the tips of the rabbit. (Keep in mind to trim the rabbit a little longer as the rabbit will shrink after multiple times being wet and dry).

Step7-7dfff Tie in flash, folding it onto the opposite side and trim so the tips are as long as the rabbit tips.

Step8-8ooo8 Tie in POLAR UV in the color of your choice. Wrap your thread to about 2/3rds of the shank.

Step9-9fdhj Wrap the Polar UV to the point of where your thread is and tie off.

Step10-10hhh- Tie in a BLUE marabou feather by the stem. The photo shows a top view so you can see the feather tied in.

Step11-11dl Wrap the marabou feather forward, about 4-6 wraps, making some thread wraps over the last few wraps of your marabou to secure it, tie off.

Step12-12iip Tie in a PURPLE marabou feather. Top view shown.

Step 13-1355m Wrap the purple marabou forward, 3-5 wraps. Tie off and wrap your thread over the front of your wraps so the feather does not unravel with steelhead sharp teeth!

Step14-14ob Tie in a flourescent blue marabou feather and wrap forward as before. Tie off making sure your thread wraps again go over the last wraps of your marabou for strength.

Step15-1533ni Tie in flash, folding onto the opposite side of the fly.

Step16-16hvkl Tie in a PINK guinea feather securely and tie off with two half hitches.

Step17-1855-mk The finished product, thanks for looking, this is very similar to the BULKLEY BRUISE and drives steelhead NUTS!

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