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The Bulldog Fly: For Springs!

photo_3_4The BULL DOG Fly! An Idea taken from a trout favorite has now become a wonderful Steelhead and Chinook fly. This year I had made this fly 5-6 inches in length, added a stainless steel trailer loop and a 2/0 gammy for a trailer hook. There were a few times that I washed this hook in the Bulkley River for Springs with great results. A total of 4 Springs in the same pool within 2 separate sessions on those days. A friend took it to the Skeena and Kitimat Rivers and also had Chinook Salmon landed with this fly. I tried a few other color combos, but this one seemd to work(and so I kept using it!) It can be tied with a conehead for weight, but I choose to have the weight in my fly line instead. Enjoy!

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Webflyz B.C. also accepts phone orders for those customers who would like to speak with me.
Call me at  1-250-877-2021, 
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Orders can also be made via email.
Please LIST quantity of item(s), size of hook, custom information (if any) as well as any additions or requests you may have.
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I will recommend the greatest of knowledge for your particular order, and email you a confirmation message regarding all applicable details with a dollar amount total for your order.


WEBFLYZ B.C. custom hand tied flies uses only the most durable products to ensure you, the angler is able to use that fly to the best of its ability and for as many times as possible.
If you are not satisfied in any way, please return the item(s) for a full refund, exchange, or credit—whichever you prefer within ten (10) days of recieving the flies.