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DSC01013After tying flies for most of my life, and having a natural passion to help people catch fish, I realized that my fly tying knowledge and experience could help make anglers' dreams come true, tying custom flies for any fish species that swim, in FRESH and SALT waters alike.

Over many years, taking part in CREEL surveys, and many years experiences fly fishing, working at local hatcheries and many salmon and steelhead enhancement programs, I have educated myself of how important our Northern B.C. fishing resource is to us as residents and the many seasonal ANGLERS that come to Northern B.C. to catch our fine anadromous fish. Many global anglers await the entire year just to have a chance at casting to, or landing a steelhead or salmon in my back yard.

"There I was, in the Cold Bulkley river, tailing a fine steelhead just so an out-of-town angler could take a photo of thier fine catch and fullfill thier life-long dream... and have proof of a memory of a LIFETIME. ... Seeing this happiness expressed by the angler gave me a fullfillment that exceeded even myself catching a fish with my own hand tied fly".

I soon realized that some of my FLY patterns were steelhead and salmon staples, some worked very well, and the anglers that used them felt the same.

My BEST friends' mother helped me realize that my passion could be shared with the world... through my FLIES... WEBFLYZ B.C. was created!

I have hand tied tens of thousands of flies, some to local anglers, and many to anglers globally, and I have a BLAST tying for all types of anglers' abroad!

I am proud to make YOU FLIES, any FLIES, for ANY WATERS or FISH that YOU want to catch, it is my pleasure!

... "After years of stompin' through devil's club and stinging nettle into untouched meanders of river waters in B.C. Webflyz was created! Cory Koenig lived in Kelowna B.C. until the age of 5, absorbing the most awesome art of fly tying from his father and grandfather.

Using creations to imitate a certian fly, bug or natural aquatic insect to fool trout species in every S.E.K.I.D. pond above the massive Okanagan Lake brought me a pleasure and calmed me in a way that nothing does to this day.

After moving to Smithers, B.C. I found that a whole different group of larger flies are used to catch much larger trout, salmon and ocean swimmers!

I......was hooked!"

30 years later, fly tying and fishing, creating and testing my patterns was my daily routine for years, always making enough money to buy the last copy of B.C. Outdoors or Field and Stream magazines to see what "FLY" of the month was featured.

I have also dedicated 17 years in environmental, fisheries and community involvement programs, all providing me with many valuable experiences in fishing and fly tying.

Anchored for life in Smithers B.C. tying flies for all fish species that swim around the world is my passion. To entice some of the older, wiser fish species, a tyer must know as much as possible, having pride in the tie, and leaving the rest up to the angler and their fishing/casting skills.

Now, after a few years of being globally known, I tie flies for anglers and fish abroad, Any species of fish, in any waters, I will build you what you need to catch fish, and take pride in my ties, as if I am the one casting to those species.

Thank you for reading this far and check out fly my fly gallery, to select some of the creatures that I build! I really appreciate you choosing Webflyz B.C., and remember that I TIE ALL Webflyz B.C. flies!

Have a great day!



Cory Koenig

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Phone Orders

Webflyz B.C. also accepts phone orders for those customers who would like to speak with me.
Call me at  1-250-877-2021, 
8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m PST, thank you!
Box #23
Smithers British Columbia V0J 2N0

Email Orders

Orders can also be made via email.
Please LIST quantity of item(s), size of hook, custom information (if any) as well as any additions or requests you may have.
Then simply email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I will recommend the greatest of knowledge for your particular order, and email you a confirmation message regarding all applicable details with a dollar amount total for your order.


WEBFLYZ B.C. custom hand tied flies uses only the most durable products to ensure you, the angler is able to use that fly to the best of its ability and for as many times as possible.
If you are not satisfied in any way, please return the item(s) for a full refund, exchange, or credit—whichever you prefer within ten (10) days of recieving the flies.